Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Cibotti has been absolutely amazing! She has high expectations of her students, but has exceeded our expectations in every way herself. She makes time to “google meet” with her students for 2+ hours twice daily, Monday thru Thursday. During this time, the students are engaged, and go through their academics just as they would at school. Mrs. Cibotti has a class of 29 students, and has managed to lead these google meets, and have children understand that they are to be muted and only unmute when they are called on or raise their hand with a question. This amazes me that she has been able to conduct her classroom over the internet, with very little change to the academic life our students were previously accustomed to. Her active involvement has relieved a lot of stress for me as a parent. I have two other children as well (grades 4 and 6), and with Mrs. Cibotti’s guidance, my second grader is able to understand and complete his work independently for the most part. Not only that but she always takes the time to acknowledge and welcome each student and their needs. She has been most giving of her time, considering I know she has much prep work and grading of submitted materials on top of her frequent and effective google meets. And she is always quick in responding to any questions I may have via email. On top of all of this, Mrs. Cibotti takes the time on Fridays to conduct a google meet for one hour in which the children will have time to talk and pray with one another. I thank Mrs. Cibotti for staying so connected and actively involved with her students!

Nikolas Marcakis

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