Student Nomination Story

Before Mrs. Matthews, I wasn't excited about writing. I wasn't excited about I school. I thought up every excuse in the world not to come to school. Freshman year, I would fail all of my essays, and to be quite frank, I didn't care. A big challenge of mine was having the desire to write and think creatively. The summer before sophomore year, she assigned all kinds of summer work that I, of course, put off until the last minute. However, unlike most summer work, I didn't completely dislike it. She gave us good, challenging reads that kept us interested yet grasping for more knowledge. So far through the year, she has kept me interested and grasping for knowledge in all aspects. I excel at English, and I truly get excited for her class. She's extremely helpful in all things: writing, comprehension, and personal problems. She was the first person I told when my grandmother passed away, and she was the first one to hug me. A lot of kids describe her as a "fairy" or a "ray of sunshine" and I couldn't agree more. She may be the only reason I love school. I consider Mrs. Matthews the best teacher I've ever well as one of my closest friends. Sure, I've learned English, but more importantly, I know how to treat people with respect and kindness.

Frankie Nelson

My name is Rileigh White. I am 16 and a sophomore at Fairfield High School. I have come across a teacher that has totally flipped my world upside down and she deserves so much recognition. During my first year of English I completely doubted myself and my academic abilities. I underestimated how smart I truly was. Mrs. Matthews saw something in my writing that no teacher has ever seen. She pushed me, encouraged me, and above all showed me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought! Not only did Mrs. Matthews help me academically, but she changed my outlook on the world. She constantly tells my class that we are humankind, be both. This means we are all the same and that we need to allow ourselves to be human and kind. I now see the good in our world. I believe everyone needs to hear that! Mrs. Matthews has changed my life tremendously and I want to find a way to show her how grateful I truly am. She never fails to make me smile and make my bad days so much better. We have the best conversations, and she deserves the whole world. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Matthews!

Rileigh White

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