Student Nomination Story

On my first day of senior year, I walk into advanced composition class, and see Mrs. Carnell sitting at her desk with a can of Diet Coke. She has curly brown hair and a bright smile. She told us we could sit anywhere. I pick the seat closest to the window. My friend Alyssa shows up and so do a few others. The bell rings and there are only nine students total—all with smiles on their faces. We wonder where everyone else is. That is when Mrs. Carnell says, “This is going to be the best class ever!” This is the moment when “The Cult” began. The next class, we found out Sam dropped then class, so there were eight left: Spencer, Dillon, Dan, Emily, Alyssa, Paxton, Molly, and me. We began each day talking, laughing, and sharing stories, (mostly about love). Molly said her goal was to have a date for prom and that is when her mission started. We wrote essays about the day we were born, and learned more about each other. Mrs. Carnell told us stories too, mostly about her kids, family vacations, her childhood, and everyday things. Mrs. Carnell would spice class up by letting us play games once in a while. We played Pictionary, Charades, and Uno. We would get pretty rowdy and we weren’t the best guessers in Charades. I am a quiet person and Mrs. Carnell got me out of my comfort zone. She encourages people to talk to eachother and have conversations with other people. I looked forward to go to this class every other day. We had to write an essay and read it in front of the class. I hate talking in front of people and by playing these games and talking to people more, I wasn’t nervous to read my essay in front of them. I can tell Mrs. Carnell anything. She listens to me. She doesn’t judge, she cares. She listens to the stories we share. I have to admit, we got off track, but she still manages to help us get our work done. There were some days when I could tell Mrs. Carnell got irritated with us talking so much, but we couldn’t help it, we were a family and we had to share what was going on in our lives. I came into class one day, already upset. Class began and I started to cry. There were some family situations going on and Mrs. Carnell asked if I wanted to go out into the hall with her. We talked about what was going on and she made me feel so much better. She gave me a hug and told me that everything was going to be okay, and she was right. She is the most caring person I know. Everyone I have talked to that has had her as a teacher, has told me that they absolutely love her. “The Cult” has made an impact on my life. I met new people that have become my friends.

Brooke Ewer

I am not going to lie, writing is not my thing. I never had the creativity and endurance to write papers. My junior year was my first year having Mrs. Carnell as a teacher. She was my composition teacher at Arrowhead High School. At first, I was scared. I thought Mrs. Carnell was going to be like all my previous English teachers. But Mrs. Carnell was different; she made sure she personally went to each student and talked to them to see how they were doing on their projects. This was helpful to both me and my classmates because it made us feel like she cared about how we were doing individually. Not only did Mrs. Carnell help me with my writing, but she also acted like a friend. I could talk to her and not have it be about homework. We could talk about sports (her son Mason and I played football and baseball together) or about what we did outside of school. Mrs. Carnell and I see each other outside of school and would talk then too. I would see Mrs. Carnell at my baseball games and at my little brother’s basketball games (her youngest son is on my brother’s basketball team). When I would see her at the games, she would say, “Good luck, Mitchell.” If it was my brother playing, she would say, “Hi, Mitchell. How are you doing?” Mrs. Carnell also let me come into her classes at anytime. Last year, my last class of the day was next to hers. Every day I would stop in her room and say, “Hi, Mrs. Carnell. How are you doing today?” She would usually respond with “Great. How are you today Mitchell?” Mrs. Carnell is one of the happiest and most joyful people I have ever met. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. When our classes would get distracted from our work, she would say, “Ok class, let's get back to work now.” I have never heard Mrs. Carnell get mad or yell at a student or anyone. This year, for my creative writing class, we are writing to an educator that we would like to thank and I instantly knew I was going to write to Mrs. Carnell. She impacted my school career the most. She is a passionate teacher and I think I can speak for all her students and peers when I say she is one of the best people on this earth. As long as Mrs. Carnell keeps that smile up, I believe she will get a letter like this every year and should get the teacher of the month every month.

Mitchell Emmer

My first year at Arrowhead High School, I was nervous about meeting new people, but Mrs. Carnell welcomed me into her classroom with the sweetest smile. From that day, I could tell we were going to have a special bond. Mrs. Carnell, the most kind-hearted soul, takes time to work with students who need extra help. She’s a teacher of the CASS Program, a program that helps students catch up. I hope she understands how much the program meant to me and how helpful it was. Not only does Mrs. Carnell care about my education, but she also cares about my feelings too. I have never had a teacher who cared about my home life as much as Mrs. Carnell. “How are you?” She asks, listening and remembering everything. Having a teacher to rely on like Mrs. Carnell is truly special. Taking time from her busy schedule, Mrs. Carnell reads all my work. She comments on my writing, helping me improve, encouraging me to succeed––to do my best, pushing me to do great things. Being in Mrs. Carnell’s class for three years, she became like a mother to me. She helped me through hard times, in and outside of school. Not only is Mrs. Carnell a teacher, but she is also a mother to three boys and an advisor for the Writing Club. One day Channel 12 news reporters filled Mrs. Carnell's Study Skills class to recognize her as “May’s Top Teacher.” Mrs. Carnell isn’t just May’s top teacher, but she is my top teacher every month. She spends extra time with me to catch up, hours after school to make sure I am happy. She tells crazy stories about going to prom, her family, and her new dog. I am forever grateful Mrs. Carnell was a part of my life. Thank you, Mrs. Carnell, for being the most fair, forgiving, and fabulous teacher. I appreciate you so much!

Kaelyn Glassey

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