Student Nomination Story

My daughter Skielynn has really struggled over the years feeling confident and “wanted” at school, she is timid and shy but so very loving. She has always been one to feel every emotion around her and struggled to “fit in” at school, I always hear that she is a delight to have in class but no one has ever taken the time to get over that hump and actually make a personal connection with her. When covid happened it really took a toll on her and we had to end up taking her to a therapist as well as being but on depression medication, she watched as her brother teachers would write him letters, send him fun things in the mail for his birthday, and even came over to visit him while socially distancing. Meanwhile she wrote her teacher letters with no reply, I even sent her teacher an email asking for help and no avail. This year a I was a nervous wreck sending her to school without getting a chance to meet her new teacher, or be able to give her a bit of back story and let her know that my girl is sensitive. To my surprise she came home from school the first day and said she loved her teacher and she was very nice. Flash forward to this week, we lost my grandmother and today is the funeral so skielynb would not be at school, I sent her teacher an email letting her know and she messaged me back saying skielynn was a very responsible young lady and had already told her as well as asked to take her spelling test early so she wouldn’t miss it and gave her condolences. As my 9 year old was reading the email she began to tear up and looked at me saying “momma, I have never had a teacher actually care about me as much as she does.. I really like her..” this woman has been such a blessing to my child, I can only hope that she gets the recognition she deserves from taking time to get to know each child and connect with them on a personal level.

Skielynn Carlisle

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