Student Nomination Story

Coach Rains has not only impacted me but others as well. He has been a blessing to have. He takes his time with everyone on the team and impacted each life personally. He takes me fishing, I can come to him for anything, he is truly the best role model this school has ever had!! Coach Raines recently took a student in his own home because the students home life wasn’t so great. He is kind, empathetic, trustworthy, etc. He recently took over the whole boys and girls high school and junior high basketball teams. He recently had his first child with his wife while taking in that student. He is a Christ-filled human being and every single person loves him!! He is also the youth minister at his local church. He is busy every single day but still shows myself and every student one on one time! There is nobody that beats him!! Please consider this honorable coach to win. He is the most deserving of anyone!

Ethan Caldwell

Mr. Rains has helped me through a lot. If I got in trouble inside and outside of school , he would teach me how to do better. If I had a situation, he would be the first person I would go to because he would know exactly what to say. Mr. Rains has helped me become a better man. For example, I once texted him to tell him I was sorry about a situation and he told me not to text anyone sorry but to tell them face to face. Everyday in practice he would push me to become a better ball player. He is also a youth leader in his church and that has helped me in my life.

Tanner Ingram

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