Student Nomination Story

Ms. Senter teaches a subject that is difficult for most adults to talk about, Sex Ed. Not once has she made me or our class feel inadequate for asking questions, raising concerns , or not understanding something. Not only does she teach that, she was a guidance counselor to us when ours left, helping with college applications, and guiding us on what she thought would work best for us. She never missed a single class period, even when the weather was horrible (she drives 2.5 hours to come and see us on a weekly basis) and even though we don’t have her this year, she STILL checks in on us all of us. She is the first teacher that had faith in us. Didn’t care about where we came from or what other teachers had said. She is by far the most accepting and non judgmental mentor any of as has ever had. Due to her, we are all better students, sisters, brothers, friends and people. No one deserves more recognition than she does .

Cassandra Komachisn

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