Student Nomination Story

My daughter Renee Delfino has Down Syndrome and she is Autistic. Until we moved to Prosper, Renee was kept isolated in a self-contained classroom. Before the move I as her mom was extremely worried about my daughter in a new environment. I was frantic wondering what if the staff wasn't supportive of Renee. Well, I found out Mrs. Barrios would be Renee's new teacher. We introduced ourselves on the phone. Immediately, Mrs. Barrios started visiting and observing Renee for a few weeks before we moved. l was so happy that now Renee's new teacher would be familiar to her. Renee was shortly included in field trips dances cooking classes. She has lunch in the cafeteria with friends! Mrs. Barrios has conquered a lot of Renee's poor behavior by teaching her through love and patience exactly what is expected of her. When it came time to leave middle school, we all said our goodbyes. Then l received a phone call that changed mine and Renee's world! Mrs. Barrios requested to be moved to Prosper High School to continue to be Renee's teacher! We are truly blessed to have Mrs. Barrios. Renee is constantly winning awards at special Olympic tournaments. Of course Mrs. Barrios makes it more fun by driving the bus and stopping for lunch!

Elisa Delfino

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