Student Nomination Story

My husband met Mrs. Schlemmer and her husband at a restaurant in the summer of 2019 and they began chatting. Mrs. Schlemmer knew of our oldest son from his other class at the school and told my husband to try and request her to be his teacher the following year. She is absolutely amazing. Our oldest son (Parker Doyle) didn't like school, had trouble caring about school, and had trouble with previous teachers/classmates. Although we couldn't request her directly, we were able to request a teacher with her strengths, and the school ended up putting him in her class. Mrs. Schlemmer took him from hating school to actively enjoying it and looking forward to it. She began doing tutoring after school for any child who wanted it. My son was actually sad on the few days it got cancelled! When schools went to remote learning due to COVID, Mrs. Schlemmer was completely on top of everything, making it easy for the kids (and parents!) to continue learning. She made herself available at all times for the kids, for any and all questions they had. She was in constant communication with the parents as well. She also held 30 minute voluntary "morning stretches/wake up" zoom meeting to get kids awake and alert for their actual schoolwork. She helped put together this awesome DVD for their graduation since COVID prevented them from having one. Parker told our youngest son it would be awesome if he (Austin) had Mrs. Schlemmer as well. Unfortunately, we didn't think that was an option because Austin is in the gifted program. Mrs. Schlemmer cares SO much about her students. She makes the classes fun for them so they look forward to learning. Not only that, but she is a very active person. In addition to her normal curriculum, she adds in stretching and exercises as a "brain break" to keep them engaged and focused for learning. She even joins the kids that are in "Run Club" when they participate in 5K races. She will definitely be that one teacher that my son will look back on when he is an adult as the teacher who made a difference in not only his education, but also his life. At the beginning of this year, our youngest son Austin was scheduled to have a teacher who unfortunately had some health complications and was not able to teach her scheduled class. We were absolutely over-joyed to find out that Mrs Schlemmer was taking over the 5th grade gifted class. She truly goes above and beyond. She is a blessing to both the school and every student/parent who are lucky enough to be in her classroom. The world would be a better place with more teachers like her! I am very much looking forward to having her teach another one of my children this year.

Austin Rice

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