Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Smith has been the best teacher I have ever had. Anyone should consider themselves lucky if they got the chance to be taught by her. She has always made my classmates and I are well prepared for test, quizzes, class activities, and real life. Not only is she a friend at school but she is one outside of the classroom. Mrs. Smith has checked in on me during my roughest days, when my migraines have pushed me far past my limits. At times like those she is understanding, she works with me to feel better. One day, a classmate of mine was having a really bad panic attack. When told she immedately sprang into action; she was calming, reassuring, and attentive. Soon thereafter the classmate was feeling a little bit better. Mrs. Smith is someone I will always remember and will always be credited with inspiring my wish to become a teacher myself.

Kaitlyn Stum

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