Student Nomination Story

This teacher is my mother. That may seem to make me biased but I disagree. I am her daughter so I get to see the behind the scenes of a teacher during this pandemic. Corona Virus has kicked everyone out of their normal routine, school, and lives. My mother works at a school in a low-income area. Her job as a reading teacher, is to help those that need it, catch up in their reading. When school was made online, a lot of her students didn't have the means to meet and were now at home 24/7. My mom contacted all the parents of all her reading groups, grade kindergarten through fifth, to schedule Google Hangout meetings. One issue she ran into was not having any books to read with her kids. She really wanted her kids in her reading groups to have something to practice with, in front of them. So she bought and printed online books, cut and stapled them, and then her and myself personally distributed it to the kids home (30-40 minutes away). My mom didn't even question the money she was spending on these books. She wanted the kids to have books in front of them to practice with and to read to her over Google Hangouts. I have never met someone that truly cared about her students' education as much as my mom. On top of that, every day, she posts something on Dojo, her school's app to connect with students and parents, which includes a riddle, challenge, literary practice, or creative aspect. Just yesterday she had 12 meetings that lasted all day with students, some in groups, on Google Hangout. I didn't see her all day but I heard the little voices coming from the computer, so excited to see Mrs. Roberts. delivering the books too, we ran into one of her students that were so excited about her books and to see my mom. My mom is an amazing teacher. She does all that she can to make a difference in these students' lives. I couldn't be prouder as her daughter in all that she does. Her heart is so big. However, my mom doesn't get any recognition for her work, and so I thought I should change that. Teachers are not paid enough in today's world, but I think she should feel honored every day to raise the youth of America and help them with the fundamental knowledge of reading. That is a noble job.

Bailey Blair

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