Student Nomination Story

I am writing for my son, Clay. Clay LOVES “Coach!” Clay has a one of a kind chromosomal disorder, and is severely limited, both physically and intellectually. He is a great judge of character, and let’s our family know often how highly he thinks of, “Coach!” As parents, we are obviously impressed by how highly our son regards Coach Hampton. We’ve seen firsthand how wonderful he is. He sits in on Clays IEP meetings, and modifies his instruction with Clay by having him watch games on his iPad with him. Clay isn’t able to do very much physically because of he is mainly wheel chair bound, but he loves PE, and Coach Hampton is the reason! He mainly works with the general education students, but has adapted instruction so that our son can love a class he ordinarily wouldn’t. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve seen firsthand how much he loves our son, in the attention he shows him whether it be in school, at a game, or at our house (where he brought his family to visit Clay after a hospital stay). He and Clay share such a special bond! He even gave Clay a game ball and hat. I think he is completely worthy of being honored, and I appreciate you considering him for the award as he has definitely demonstrated impacting my son in his academics through modifying his lessons, he has impacted him personally through bringing him joy, and he has definitely inspired my son. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving.

Clay Band

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