Student Nomination Story

Where do I begin with all of the things that makes Mrs. Arnett such a great person? Mrs. Arnett is the reason I enjoy school. She made learning for not just me but all of my classmates a fun and enjoyable journey. The story that first comes to mind is when I was in sixth grade. I just moved to North Shore Middle School from Hartland South. My favorite teacher left when I was in fourth grade. After she left, school became a struggle for me. I didn’t do my work, and I began to not care. Then, on the first day of sixth grade, I walked into my first class and the teachers introduced themselves. Mrs. Arnett was one of the three teachers. Mrs. Arnett was the one that stood out. She talked in a way that reminded me of my favorite teacher. She talked like she cared for each individual student. She talked in a way that made me feel safe and welcome into her class. Mrs. Arnett was the most positive and inclusive teacher I had ever met. She was kind and caring for all her students. I had never walked into a classroom where I felt safer, and more welcomed. The major impact of this for me was the ability to feel safe at school and realize that there are teachers that really do care about their students. We didn’t have a science teacher for the charter, so Mrs. Arnett took on the task of being our science teacher. I have never been more interested in learning than in that class. She taught in a way that worked for every individual student. I am a more hands-on student; she knew this so she taught in a way that incorporated labs while still teaching in a way that worked for the visual and auditory learners. She made sure each student was learning. While Mrs. Arnett taught us the needed academic lessons we needed she also incorporated fun into those lessons. Mrs. Arnett taught us about business by allowing the students to run the garden at the Little Red Schoolhouse. We would bike up to the garden and work for our study halls. She taught some students how to run the business end of the garden while others took care of the beds, mowed the grass, and did basic maintenance around the garden. Mrs. Arnett is now a special ed teacher at Arrowhead High School. She decided that there was more she could do for students that needed it. Mrs. Arnett is the kind of person that just keeps giving. There is no limit to her kindness and compassion for her students. In the end, thank you Stacy Arnett for all that you do. Thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you for all that you will do for future students.

Kyle Mesching

Before sophomore year at Arrowhead, I never got along with authority. In my eyes authority was mean, disrespectful, and demanding. Arnett knew I would mess up and when I did, she didn't put me down, we just talked. She said, “You can't be mature until you are 25”. My whole life I have heard “be more mature”! Without even knowing it, Arnett made me look at authority figures differently. Arnett what the second set of eyes in the room besides the teacher. I have learned that authority figures have different ways of showing respect and that showing that respect is a two way connection. Arnett may not know this, but she had a huge impact on my sophomore year and on my life. Arnett motivated me to believe in myself by believing in me when the odds started getting difficult. When I was going through hard times, she always put a smile on my face. The motivational Fridays are what I needed to get through the week. Arnett knew what to say and she relates with her students. My favorite motivational video you showed me was “if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”. That video is stuck in my head and it doesn't just relate to school, but it is about life. It talked about how the little things matter and if I can't do the little things right, there is no way I can do the big things right. It talked about how no matter how hard it is in the moment, the end of the tunnel is closer than I think. When I didn't want to do my homework and go on my phone, instead of yelling at me like every teacher does, you took time to sit me down. We made a plan where I had to do my homework, but it gave me some freedom once my homework was completed. We had the best relationship. I saw you as a teacher but a friend and you viewed me as an adult and let me do what I wanted to do in reason. You never told me what to do, we always agreed. You didnt force me to do anything you let me do it how I wanted/ when to do it. Mrs. Arnett I appreciated everything you did for me and you made a great impact on my first years at Arrowhead. I would like to nominate you for Teacher of the Year because you deserve the recognition.

John Prince

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