Student Nomination Story

I was struggling emotionally and physically with school, my social life, and mental health a lot in the vary begging of the school year and even now. My dad wasn't really present for one year now and I will admit it is hard without him but back in Hobbs, New Mexico, I was abused mentally and physically by him and his wife. I was in and out of hospitals in the begging of the school year. Then, I got introduced to my fourth period teacher Mrs.White. She teaches Spanish and Employability Skills. Once I had walked in I noticed something no teacher I had done to their classrooms."chairs..... why does she not have standard desks, and why does she have a coffee table in the front of her room?" I asked my friend." Sit where ever class! Welcome" Mrs.White said with a warm smile. Honestly I was skeptical that once she closed that door she was going to hate me so I casually would write notes about what she said or did and later in I started writing her notes saying how my day has been and answering the question on the board she would usually leave. To be completely honest I hated the peers I had in that class. One day in Mrs. Whites class we were talking about " if you could change anything in the world what would it be?" I casually raised my hand and said, " relationships because what's the point in dating if all people do is cheat". Right after I finally set my hand down Mrs white called on my friend Sarah and Sarah said," I would want to take all the color out of the world...." and a voice came from the back of the classroom "Racist". I was fuming and turned around and said," Will you just be quiet and let Sarah speak and not everything everyone says is racist". Mrs. White told the boys to quit and I raised my hand and said," Can i go to the counselors office please?". Ms.White said, " can you please wait after class?" I said yes ma'am and sat down quietly in my seat. Mrs. White had said," I want ya'll to listen to this song and tell me what you think?" I thought "welp sounds easy might as well" once the beat starts all you hear is the joy of our class harmonizing to "Man in the Mirror" by Bruno Mars. Once we got out of class I realized the way Mrs.White changed not only my face but my peers faces from upset to happy just by a song. If anyone deserves this award it's Mrs.White for teaching her students to make a change no matter how big ( like family problems) to being upset ( like Cristopher did to me).

Jessica Decker

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