Student Nomination Story

Ms. Cler began teaching at Villa Grove the second semester of my junior year. She is the type of teacher who goes well beyond her job requirements and has really made an impact on my high school experience. She taught me chemistry when first arriving, a class which I had only taken for my future ACT test. However, soon after her arrival, I began greatly looking forward to her class. She's such a positive, caring person who will help you in any way she can. I decided to continue with chemistry after this course and take AP Chemistry this year. The other two students in my class have already had two years of chemistry while I had only had one. This frightened me, but Ms. Cler assured me I could do it. AP Chemistry started off a little rough. In fact, my first test I was in tears as I shakily handed it in. She immediately noticed and asked what was wrong. I had a meltdown and started explaining that there was no way I was cut out for this. This was just the review test and I couldn't even handle that, let alone new material. I was sure I had gotten a D. Also I should mention that the previous summer (2017) I had decided I wanted to major in chemistry so this test was not exactly a confidence booster. I frantically explained in tears that my career path was ruined, and she smiled and told me that she had the same exact reaction to her first organic chemistry test in college. She explained that it was a difficult test from a college level textbook and that we weren't expected to get As. She said that I knew a lot more than I thought I did and boosted my confidence significantly. I left class feeling much better. AP Chemistry continued and was very overwhelming at first. I ended up at the point where I couldn't even finish my homework without crying with confusion. My father emailed Ms. Cler and we made an arrangement for her to help me for an hour twice a week after school. I cannot tell you how much she taught me in these weeks of tutoring. I ended up with an A in the course for the first semester. I'm not sure that she even realizes what an impact she has made. She has taught me so many lessons beyond chemistry. Ms. Cler has become so much more than just a teacher to me; I see her more as a role model. Before Ms. Cler arrived at my High School, I was sure that it would never end. I now am in the second semester of my senior year and am dreading the day I won't have class with her. It's amazing to me that my most difficult class is one of the few that I look forward to. This is simply due to her love for teaching and for each one of her students, which is unmistakable. Ms. Cler is definitely a teacher worth recognizing. I'm so fortunate for the opportunity to learn from her. Although AP Chemistry has been a tough course, she has somehow made it my favorite.

Gracyn Kestner

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