Student Nomination Story

Our family is fortunate to have Mrs. Sophia Limjoco (@mrslteaches2) as our daughter's 2nd grade teacher this year. Mrs. Limjoco loves all things STEM and has passed her love of learning to all of her students including my daughter. She is one of those teachers that goes above and beyond for her students, fellow teachers and the school community. It's no surprise she is a past Chandler Unified School District #AppleAchievementAward winner! Earlier this year Mrs. Limjoco helped to secure and facilitate a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to have radio contact with the NASA Crew aboard the International Space Station (Tarwater was 1 of only 7 schools in the United States selected). She also served as the teacher liaison for the school's community wide STEM festival, Night Under The Stars, with over 1,000 guests in attendance. She spends her after school hours volunteering for various school activities and cheering on her past and present students at their extra-curricular activities. She spent a weekend building an outdoor learning garden for the school, her Fall Break applying for classroom STEM grants, and her Spring Break raising funds for additional aeroponic supplies, for an outside the box Q4 Growing Math With Gardening unit. She engages in additional training and represented the school at the 2021 STEM and Innovation Summit and co-chaired the school's committee for the 2/19 Chandler Innovation Fair as part of the Arizona SciTech Festival. Mrs. Limjoco teaches her students to be respectful, responsible and contributing members of society. She runs her classroom as an economy, with each student assigned a classroom job, to help students understand many economics concepts and keep them responsible for their tools, supplies and toward respecting others’ belongings. If the student successfully completes their job, along with adhering the classroom norms (behavior rules), they receive a "paycheck" each week, which the students can use to buy trinkets or replenish their classroom supplies (like lost pencils or dried out glue sticks left uncovered). She holds auctions for prizes as a way of teaching strategic choices. Some students do not end up making purchases either by choice or because they did not have enough points. There are some purchases made hastily with big feelings had and handled well. She was recently recognized by Chandler Unified School District for her Market Day activity in which students make and sell handmade items to classmates before celebrating business success. The activity aims to help her students gain a deeper understanding of how supply chain production, marketing and customer knowledge can impact demand. When the school’s lost and found was over flowing, she conducted a data science activity where students collected and graphed items and reported on the statistics. This is just an example of how she makes Math cool and shows that being a data scientist can be fun! When one of her students came up with a “Pennies for Patrick (Mahomes)” fundraiser, she supported it full steam. She was able to teach the class about charity and philanthropy with action and help her students learn first-hand that no matter their age or background, they all have the power to contribute good to our world. Mrs Limjoco got the entire campus involved and even garnered the attention from a Kansas City News station. As the campus' former STEM teacher, she knows that students love hands-on learning and relish the opportunity to be the mathematicians, the scientists, the builders of today and tomorrow. Mrs. Limjoco encourages her students to try their best because mistakes are proof you are trying and establishes confidence in each of her students. For all of the above, and so much more, we would love for Mrs. Limjoco to receive this well-deserved recognition. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lauren Van Engelen

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