Student Nomination Story

Mrs. G is a very inspirational and caring teacher. She is like a mom to her students. She shows how much she cares about all her students by teaching them all with real life stories, or by doing connections to some of her own experiences. You can tell she loves all her students by the fact that she does not want to miss a day at school. Most of the time you always notice Mrs. G going down the halls. Mrs G. was my sophomore year English teacher and I was very honored to be one of the many students sitting in her classroom. With the many stories she shared with us, she gave me hope that in hard work something good will come. In always trying our best and hardest so that we can get to where we want to be. I looked forward to her class because she made me want to do better for myself. She made me realize that the harder teacher are in their students is only for them to do and become better. I eventually nominated Mrs. G for the 2019 “Educator of the Year” award with the NSHSS. Out of many others across the world, she won the award and got so much recognition from news articles, news channels, students from across the world, and our very own school. I did this so that she could be known outside of the Cicero area because a teacher like her deserves a lot of attention and recognition for how great of a role model she is to her students. She does a lot for her students and for those in need. She has her own organization called “Project 214” where she does things like donating supplies to those who can’t afford to get any or when they can’t attend school. She has proved that like a teacher like her can do a lot for many people rather than just for her very own students. Mrs. G has the biggest heart in the world and she’s very caring when it comes to helping anyone.

Joanna Ruvalcaba

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