Student Nomination Story

This teacher has made a great impact in my life by telling us her stories of adversity and having to overcome it in a way that i found profound. One of these instances that I felt really impacted me was an account of a story she had about a former student from the time she has spent working in the low income parts of Chicago. She recounts about how various of her students had been involved in gang violence and in a few instances had resulted in their death. In one case, one of these students was particularly close to Mrs. Gonzalez, this student had been shot in an attempt to get vengeance on a gang member who had killed his brother . Upon hearing this news, she rushed to the hospital to see this student and was relieved to find out they were okay. Stories like this had made me realize the kind of impact that a teacher can have and how their influence can go significantly farther than just the classroom .

David Garcia

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