Student Nomination Story

My son has Autism. He's been going to Dresden since 2014. If I could nominate the entire school staff, I would. But Ms. Shawn in particular has worked the closest with Bryce. She has invested a lot of time and energy, beyond her normal job, in order to help him succeed and maintain his success. Tonight, we went to his Boys and Girls club Teen Youth of the Year assembly where he was able, through her guidance, to give a full 3-minute speech to a crowd of people. I never even thought that would be possible for him. This is just one example of the incredible progress he was able to make through her guidance. Another wonderful thing about Ms. Shawn is that she has always made sure to communicate with me (his mother), his father, and his grandparents. Sometimes as his mother, I feel lost and I need guidance on how to handle various issues that may arise. Any time I have asked her any questions, she has answered with kindness, intelligence, and honesty. I really cannot express how much she has meant to Bryce, me, and the rest of the family. It is because of her that Bryce has been able to reach a lot of the goals he has reached. I will submit a video later if possible. I just wanted to make sure to get the nomination in on time. Thank you so much.

Bryce Birdsong

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