Student Nomination Story

Shawn Caves By Elijah Caves, grade 11 I never loved school. In fact, more often than not I hated it. Hours and hours of studying and reading and memorizing things that have no real purpose of knowing once I leave these walls. I can almost promise I will never have a desk job or a job that's perfectly safe. But I think she knew that. She hates violence and feeling of being afraid and roller coasters for some strange reason. As a kid I wanted to be a firefighter and for a brief moment I wanted to be a police officer but I have realized that the military is my calling and special forces no less. She doesn't like the idea of it but she is one of the few people that actually thinks I can do it. Most people say I'm young and I'll change my mind or I won't make it through training. But she doesn't. I remember her always telling me to do my homework and not five minutes before it was due. And that I needed to learn so that I could get into college. When I was younger I argued that I could get a job at McDonalds. For some reason she didn't see the humor in that. She stopped talking about homework assignments as I've gotten older and focused more on my grades. Always bringing up the point about being a super senior if I don't try hard enough. I have only had her class for a couple of years sporadically placed throughout my life but she has helped me in all my classes between those times. She is very persistent to figure things out which is sometimes very annoying in the moment. She would help me for aslong as it would take if it was a big assignment or due the next day. Her and I don't always see eye to eye. She believes five to ten minutes early is on time and I see fashionably late as being on time. It is interesting now with the different things I am learning. She will randomly know things about random topics or events but I have a feeling that I have surpassed her in math. My teacher technically went to school to become an elementary school teacher although she has periodically taught higher grades for a couple of days at a time. At another point, she was a substitute teacher. The last time I can remember her teaching through a school was as an ESL teacher for 3-5 grade. She has taught In both an international school in China and in America. I don't know if homeschooling counts but to any parent that has tried it, it does. Then she has taught in Africa and at least 6 other countries. Her first job is a stay at home mother of five which is arguably one of the hardest jobs out there. And her second job was as a teacher. She is thoughtful, kind, funny, and patient. She will ignore snarky comments while she is trying to help you. And will know all the lyrics to a 90s song if you play it. I've stayed in her class for many years and I think I will stay in my mother’s classroom a little longer.

Elijah Caves

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