Student Nomination Story

I think Mrs. Thorn is a warm person, she knows how to make your day at school 10 times better. She also knows how to put her foot down when it is needed. She'll talk to you about anything that you enjoy talking about, but also will help you explore your learning abilities. I don't remember the last time that I partially understood or even liked math, but Mrs. thorn makes learning enjoyable and fun. I definitely think she's probably one of the best teachers you can learn from and she can help you by talking to you about your life problems.

Billie Sedlar

Ms. Thorn really wants to help us learn. She makes it hard at the same time but easy to understand. She is really nice and if we needed to she would want us to talk to her on a personal level. She knows school work is hard and stressful and she helps us with whatever we need help with. Ms. Thorn is extremely funny, smart, kind and amazing. I'm so lucky and blessed to have someone like Ms. Thorn teach us.

Grace Servinski

She helps with everything. she is a great person. She helps us if we need it. Mrs. Thorn tells what to do and when it's due . If it's late she'll give us a chance. She also grades us off of participation point like if we did the work on the paper or not . Mrs. Thorn has a great personality. If we don't have work done cause of personal stuff at home she'll give us more time to do it.

Noel Cebula

My teacher helps my classmates and me with our struggles in algebra and makes learning much easier for us. She takes things slowly and helps us understand the specific materials that we learn. Whenever a classmate is struggling with a problem, she tries her best to help them understand the work that is put in front of us. I fully believe that if it wasn't for her, I would still be struggling with algebra. Although it isn't her job, she also proceeds to help us through struggles in school and tries her hardest to help us throughout high school.


She is a good teacher and needs to get nominated!

Bryce Pringle

Being a great person and helping me out with math.

Plaine Ralph

Mrs. Thorn has helped me through a lot. I mean, yes, she's nice and great teacher to have (+ gives free food to!) but, not only that, she's helped me grow as a person and I've never had that from a teacher like her before. It's nice that she helped me through that. I love her and she's, overall, great!


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