Student Nomination Story

Ms. Cheema is an excellent teacher. She has taught me soooo much! Her teaching is wonderful and very understanding. She has motivated me to get into more math. And has changed my perspective on how I see the math. I used to see math as a lame subject that I will never use in my life. But now I see how it can change everything. Math connects people together just like 2 numbers adding together. She has changed everything in my life. And now in class, I am the one correcting her and answering all the questions!

Peyton Bartlett

My teacher Ms. Cheema, is a really good math teacher. She would help me with what's hard in math and whats easy. Ms. Cheema is funny, nice,and very thoughtful towards other people. She changed my life by helping me in math for whats hard to do and whats not. Ms. Cheema will explain math problems how she thinks you would like it.

Gabriel Acuna

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