Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Corsetti, where do I start? I have nominated my 2nd period teacher for multiple reasons. First of all: I walk into her classroom each day to see a smile on her face. Mrs. Corsetti is really positive, and she hasn't yelled at me or my classmates once. She's always there to positively encourage her students! Second: Mrs. Corsetti is very helpful. No matter the Math level, this teacher is always there with the patience and understanding to help her students learn. The funny thing about Mrs. Corsetti is that she doesn't just teach us math. Every day, we walk in to see a warm up on the smart board. Most of the time it's a math problem- but about every other day, she puts up a brain teaser or eye trick. Sometimes we'll have debates about what we see in the picture, and she'll tell us what it means. Also, each day Mrs. Corsetti will tell us an interesting fact about dwarfism. I think it's really cool! Also, she makes learning fun. Mrs. Corsetti has us do games that involve math! We experience all sorts of games, challenges, and contests. They include: Team Escape Room, dots and lines, trivia, etc. Almost all of my classmates learn better when it includes games or team activities. I think that Mrs. Corsetti truly deserves to be a Honoree because she is patient, fun, always there for her students, creative, and just plain outstanding.

Ginger Lee

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