Student Nomination Story

My name is Dana Tillman my daughter's name is Jolene Tillman. Mrs. Durspek gave me the confidence that I could homeschool my child without even knowing. Now, she has giving me the confidence to send my child back to school without even knowing. I have seen her with the online classes and with her students, and I am so impressed with how she is so caring and such a great problem solver. She treats all her students like they are great witch gives them so much confidence. She multi-tasks like no other and has a way of doing it so calm and collected. I do not think I could have done this for my child without the guidance from such an attentive and interactive teacher. I am sending my child back to school because I know that she will do her very best to keep my child safe. She has a great personality and is fun, understanding, respected by all of the kids, relatable, and teaches in a way that is easy for the kids to understand. If one does not understand, she uses different tactics till they do. She recognizes that every student learns differently. I have three children 6, 11, and 17 and Mrs. Durspek is the best teacher I have ever seen and or dealt with. Please consider this wonderful human on the inside and out for this honor because she truly deserves it. Thank you, Dana Tillman and Jolene Tillman

Jolene Tillman

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