Student Nomination Story

I am not quite sure where to even begin and I’m certain there isn’t enough space to write about how amazing Mrs. Biggs is as an educator and as a human being. On January 9, 2022 our families life changed forever. After taking our daughter into the ER for what we thought was tonsillitis she just couldn’t shake, her blood work and tests came back in and she was diagnosed with B cell ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). Our daughter Parker is probably one of the most active and social kids out there and as you can imagine this diagnosis has completely flipped her world upside down. From the diagnosis that evening to being admitted to the pediatric cancer floor where we stayed for a week, Parkers teacher Mrs. Biggs has been with her every step of the way. Not only did she FaceTime call Parker every day she was in the hospital (one week in patient) she has talked to Parker every single day since. When we were struggling learning how to take the 15 medications necessary Mrs. Biggs challenged her and said if she could learn to do it she would jump into her freezing cold pool - which she did! The day we were coming home from the hospital she came to our house and decorated Parkers room with the most beautiful balloons and welcome home messages. She had a huge message out into our yard just this week reminding Parker that her whole class and teacher were there for her. Not only has she impacted Parker by continuing to be an integral part of keeping Parkers spirits up, she is continuing to push her academically. She was able to get it approved for Parker to learn virtually while still having Mrs. Biggs as her teacher to try and keep as much “normalcy” for Parker as possible. She has volunteered so much of her own time after school hours to help Parker when needed but also just to be there for her. I wish every single kid could have a Mrs. Biggs in their lives and this absolutely special human deserves recognition!

Parker Henderson

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