Student Nomination Story

My middle daughter Anabelle Core has a new teacher at her school who has no other word for her than INCREDIBLE! My daughter Anabelle, is TAG(talented and gifted) but has had many problems over the years with reading. Unfortunately, she does not like to read and gets bored doing it, for this reason, she always scores low on her reading placements test. Last week Ms. Berg, her new teacher, was able to have a zoom meeting with me to discuss different questions she had regarding Anabelle, including reading. We talked about what books Anabelle liked to read. The next day to Anabelle's great surprise, 3 books arrived at my home with 3 beautiful notes from her teacher. Wow, nobody does that for any of my girls before, and this is not about buying stuff for her, is about the action. That same afternoon the teacher outside of work hours was in a zoom meeting alone with my daughter explaining something that she could not understand. Also, It is incredible to see how in the morning 30 minutes before starting school the teacher will zoom in and share with them what they are having for breakfast. Seeing the amount of students connected to her is impressive! She is an excellent teacher and has a passion for what she does. I am grateful for the angel that God put in my daughter's path this new school year. I'm grateful for Ms. Berg!

Anabelle Core

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