Student Nomination Story

Sophmore year was really hard for me. I had a lot of personal things going on. But when I stepped into your room it’s like it would go away. You always made your class fun no matter what we were doing. When we read How to Kill a Mockingbird you allowed me to express why I didn’t like the book. You didn’t shut me down right away. You even told me that If I absolutely hated that book that I could burn the copy I had. I ended up not doing that and just threw it out. Later in the year we read The Kite Runner. I ended up hating that book more than anything. You asked us to write a letter to one of the characters in the book. I chose the main character. I had some strong choice words for him. You let me put them in the letter as long as they were censored. I really appreciated that because my feelings were so strong when it came to what the main character did. I loved the way you taught. I was always excited to come to your class even if it didn’t seem like I was. You allowed me to express the feelings that I wasn’t allowed to at home. You really helped me in a really dark time in my life even if you didn’t know that.

Paige Lundy

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