Student Nomination Story

Writing has always been an easy thing to come to me. Over the years, my skills in writing dwindled and I came to a roadblock. Said roadblock? Argumentative writing and essays. Writing essays had become so difficult and challenging to me and I was unable to find the powerful voice I knew I wanted and how to express that voice. When Ms. Frelk became my teacher, I saw many opportunities out there for me to help me with my expression in writing. I was able to compose a full essay within a matter of a couple of hours with all my ideas in order and pretty much zero grammatical mistakes. Since I start high school next year, it's really important for me to build up my essay writing skills, and having Ms. Frelk as my teacher really helps guide me towards that goal.

Tzivia Schwartz

Ms. Frelk makes school so much fun, I really wanted to go back to school and I was disappointed when I couldn't but when I got Ms. Frelk as my ELA teacher she made it really fun. She's very fun and very funny, even though we are online she always interacts with us and she responds to people in chat to the people who are being silly, or funny like today a kid said "Ms. Felk, you got your game face on" and she would respond "stop looking at me" and the kid would respond "we have to make sure you don't leave" and she said "how about your look at your essay" she's very funny and she lightens the mood. She's always quick on her feet and it's like she can relate to us :) plus she's always up for a challenge. She's the best :)

Maria Mauzy

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