Student Nomination Story

8:58 every morning I get to my Arrowhead high school class to see the bright smile of my French teacher Mademoiselle Armour. It’s a small classroom by the library, but about 24 kids are in there. French is a popular language at school, in part because of such a devoted, diligent and determined teacher. Mademoiselle has impacted lives, including my own. I have spoken French for over 13 years and have never had a teacher like her. Mademoiselle cares about me as more than just a student and tells me she cares deeply about my future. My first day at Arrowhead (after transferring freshman year) I was nervous and didn’t want to be there. After going to my classes, none of them were particularly of interest. Then I got to French. I’m nervous to be in a class with kids all older than me, but Mademoiselle made me feel welcomed and the class followed along. I remember on that day I was upset and homesick, but Mademoiselle made French feel like my old classes, and even better. That moment is what made me keep wanting to come back to school everyday. Being in high school, I know us students aren't easy to teach but that’s what makes her so special. Everyday, we come with tons of energy and she still finds the patience to come back day after day. Just recently, everyone in the class sent their applications to their intended colleges and we all were talking about where we were planning on going and why. Even with us all being excited and loud, Mademoiselle still found a way to not get frustrated but instead adapted the lesson plan and took an interest in where we’re going and what we plan on majoring in. In conclusion, Mademoiselle has impacted many lives in her 26 years of teaching. She’s more than just a teacher she’s a role model, somebody who you admire and hope to become. She’s the most generous and caring person you’ll ever mean, while also still being strict about the topic she’s passionate about.

Jacoby Cefalu

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