Student Nomination Story

Mr. Meiczinger is the best teacher I have ever had. I was never the greatest at writing, and it was always the worst subject I had. But when I got to fifth grade, I had Mr. M as my teacher. At first I had measly barely-getting-through-one-page writings, but he taught me how to write great writing pieces. Soon I became the best student in the class, and we seemed to have a special bond, but when the CoronaVirus hit the world hard, he had to teach online. Most teachers kind of just gave up, and put up a lesson or two up per week, but not him. He did weekly Zoom meetings with kids that needed it, but also some for fun, and to talk to his students. But on the last week of school for online learning, I got a wonderful letter from him. He said in it that I was destined for greatness and that he was proud of me. That really touched my heart. No teacher I’ve ever had did that for me, and I’ve never heard of one ever doing that for a student. That is why he is the best teacher ever.

Julian Coburn

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