Student Nomination Story

Madame Dunagan, just known to us as Madame, made it very clear the first day we walked into her classroom that her class was going to be very different than our other classes. Madame always has a bright cheery smile on her face and lets us know what’s going on with her. Her back closet is filled with all sorts of funny things and no one but Madame knows everything that’s in there. The stuff we do know about always has a fun backstory behind it. Like the real grass skirt from Hawaii or her 3 gargoyles from France. Since Madame is our French teacher, sometimes if we act out, she’ll give the class our instructions in French and watch us be confused at what she said. Other times she'll tell us she going to call our parents in French, so we all know that phrase well. Her classroom is set up so that different parts of the wall are different places she’s been from around the world. One of my favorite memories is staying after class to help Madame set up her Morocco and beach walls. She has lots of things hidden around her room, and those who know where to look can find all sorts of things. This year we were supposed to have cheese and bread parties and next year chocolate parties while we learn about France. Even when we’re stuck at home doing our work, Madame makes it fun. Right now were doing a French people project, and she lets us find our own people rather than pick from a list. My name is Reagan, and I nominate my French teacher Madame Dunagan.

Reagan Wright

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