Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Ilac has taught me how important education is for me. She showed me to respect one another. She heped me all year helping me with projects and she helped me write essays and try to win a scholarships. She pushed me to try out for avid in high school. I got in because she pushed me so hard. She is a great teacher that has changed my life. She changed my life by pushing me to be the best I can be. I use to be a trouble maker and get in a lot of trouble, but she had a conversation with her saying that it wasn’t good for me to be doing stuff like this and that she would help me keep myslef on track. She also was the one who would pick me up when I would fall down. Sometimes I felt like she was the only one who could really help me in life. She has been through many problems with me , but she never gave up on me . She’s is the person who motivates me to want to go to a university and pursue my career as a lawyer. I just want to say that she feels like my guardian. She really has changed my life because I am no longer a trouble maker and I believe in myself now more than ever. I always will appreciate what she has done for me and I will always be grateful for her.


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