Student Nomination Story

I have too many specific moments to share here. Mr. Stack has been an outstanding teacher in all fields of student life, and has put so much time and effort into helping us succeed. I am so grateful for everything he has done for us these last two years.

Grace Webb

I know a lot of people talk about how passionate their teachers were about teaching, but I never really experienced that passion until I had Mr. Stack as my AP US History teacher for my junior year. The amount of time he puts in for his students both in and out of school is so above and beyond any other teacher I’ve ever had. Mr. Stack genuinely cares about us. He cares about our grades. He cares about our wellbeing. He cares about our lives. He cares about our problems. He cares about our families. He cares about futures. This year was a big struggle for me. I was diagnosed with ADHD early on in the school year, and the process of getting tested and going from medication to medication to find what worked for me on top of all that was going on at school and at home was exhausting. I was so emotionally and physically drained every single day, but Mr. Stack’s genuine concern for me was so touching. Seeing him jump around the classroom in his lectures, scribbling notes across the board and joking with the students inspired me and many of my classmates every day. This year, Mr. Stack signed up to become a chaperone for the few of us who went to a Model UN at John’s Hopkins. Mr. Stack spent hours beforehand studying the guidebooks and asking us questions about the procedures so he could understand the event. He took note of each of our committees and sat in on at least one of everyone’s sessions. After each committee session, he wanted to know more about what we discussed as well as stories of our own individual contributions. He walked us from the hotel where we stayed to each committee session, stayed for the hours that committee was held, and then walked us all back to the hotel. He always looks out for us. He made sure we got to each meal safely as well. On night, he walked us from restaurant to restaurant to find a place for us to eat dinner because we had carelessly forgotten to place a reservation. Then, he met us on the way back from dinner to make sure we got to the hotel safely. He’s also a great friend. On this Model UN trip, we spent a lot of time with Mr. Stack. We talked to him about anything and everything, from our college plans to the latest committee gossip. He even met one of our boyfriends on FaceTime. He helped make my junior year model UN experience so special. In fact, leaving Baltimore afterwards was so emotional for me, I cried the whole way home. And he listened. He always goes above and beyond for us. This quarantine has helped me appreciate just how dedicated he is. Our school limited virtual classes to 30 minutes each per day, so to help us prepare for the AP exam outside of our class time, Mr. Stack recorded his own review videos for each period that cover everything in the AP materials. Each video is an hour or more long. That’s over 9 hours of review material he personally created just for us, on top of the review assignments he made as well, just because he really cares about how we do on our exams. He really cares about us. Having someone in my life that cares so much about me and my life and my interests and activities and prospects is so refreshing, and I will never truly be able to thank Mr. Stack enough for being that person. So, from the junior class, we love you too Mr. Stack.

Sofia Barbieri

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