Student Nomination Story

I have never loved school, but Mr. Henderson has made learning so much fun for me. I look forward to his class everyday, even in distance learning. Paying attention in school is hard, especially in distance learning, but he has made it easier by teaching us in fun and unique ways. When learning about the Roman Empire, he wore a Roman helmet while taking roll call and showed us a small movie about what it was like back then. When learning about how Constantinople is now Istanbul, he played a song that was hilarious and got stuck in my head. Every lesson he teaches he does something neat to make it stick. It’s like he brings history to life so I can truly understand it. He deserves an award for that. History is now my favorite subject, I constantly want to learn more. He knows how hard it is for us at home, but all I have to do is email him and he is always willing to help. He also takes extra time out of his day to help us for homework help too. He was my mom’s favorite teacher when she went to school here and now he’s my favorite teacher.

Anthony Despars

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