Student Nomination Story

My favorite teacher that I’ve ever had is Mr. Tummon. I am in 7th grade and attend a school that I love. Sometimes I am not interested in Academics, but with Mr. Tummon, I feel like I actually understand English. I know how to construct a sentence properly instead of making a sentence with improper grammar. I never thought that was important before but now that I understand much better, I am a better student, I think, and I hope my grades reflect that. My Mom asks “Why do I like Mr. Tummon so much?” I say that it is because he is smart, he teaches formally and he gives clear direction. My Mom thinks he has the X factor which means he has a quality that can’t be defined. I guess he does because I’ve never had a favorite academic teacher before, only a favorite piano teacher. He wrote on my trimester report that “Effort has a way of feeling more effortless the longer it is applied.” Did I mention he will meet with me before school whenever I need help. Before our last big test I went to see him every morning. He says funny things sometimes. He always wears a suit. He has a calm demeanor. When I’m in Mr. Tummon’s class I feel like I’m thriving.

Dylan Donigan

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