Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Sanchez was first my earth science teacher in my freshmen year of high school and it was to have a teacher that was very kind and supportive in my first year of high school. The reason I loved her class was because she made it so simple and understanding for us. She created word associations, she made games for us to learn, showed us so many tricks to help us remember things. I have her again this senior year as my AP environmental teacher and she continues to help me understand and continues to find new ways to help her students learn. She changed the way I learned things, I started to make my word associations in my other classes. Mrs. Sanchez was not just a teacher but a friend, she has always been a person who listens to others and she tries her best to help her students in any way she can. She believes in her students even if we can't. Having a teacher who pushes me and believes in all the things that I am capable of is something that has been extremely important in my life. Mrs. Sanchez is a teacher who wholeheartedly does her job to help others and because it is something she enjoys doing. Because of teachers like Mrs.Sanchez there are students who pursue their dreams and reach the goals that to them were impossible but because of teachers who shine light on their talents are now doing things that they love. Mrs. Sanchez deserves to be honored for the hard work she has done and the dedication to her students' success.

Keren Molina

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