Student Nomination Story

Ranger is the middle child of 3 boys in our family. He is super smart and very sensitive. Last year in 2nd grade he connected with his teacher Mrs. Call like I could have only prayed for. She is the absolute sweetest and kindest woman. Ranger says "She never lets you feel down about yourself." She makes each student feel special and makes learning so much fun. He misses her a lot this year but visits her classroom often. He just had his birthday last week and he had an extra cookie from what he took in to share with his class and he took that last cookie to give to Mrs. Call! Ranger doesn't have grandparents here in NC to spoil him and Mrs. Call's grandchildren have all left NC so they decided they would fill in for each other. They have planned once a month evenings together. This past month they went to dinner at McDonald's, ice cream at Sweet Frog and shopping at Wal-Mart. Ranger came home and said it was the best Friday he's ever had! They have made a list of other options for them to do together. She typed them up and put them in a jar for him to draw a slip out each month to find out what their activity will be! She has brought so much joy to my little boy's life. Their bond is priceless. One last example of her amazing heart is the last day of school last year. Ranger really thought he was going to receive the Principle's award for the 2nd grade boy of the year. Mrs. Call had nominated him but unfortunately, he wasn't picked. He was a little sad then but was handling it. However, after the other grade levels had their awards, my other 2 sons, 4th grade and kindergarten, won the Principle's award for their grades. When they walked into Ranger's classroom to show him, you could see the disappointment and hurt on his face. His eyes immediately begin to tear up, but without any hesitation, Mrs. Call called him over and sat in a chair and put Ranger on her lap. She hugged him and looked him straight into the eye and told him he was her student of the year and she's confident he will win the award another year. And if he doesn't win by 5th grade, to come back and see her and she would have her own special award for him. That is the picture I have included. The love, patience and wisdom Mrs. Call has is truly incredible. You can clearly see that teaching young minds is her passion. I know her and Ranger will always have a special bond and that he will always remember her and how special she makes him feel!

Ranger Haaland

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