Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Billish has changed my life in all perspectives. If I ever have a problem or a frustrating day or I need to involve an adult in some way for any reason, I immediately go to her. She’s there for all of her students equally. I have asked many students who have had her or even said something about her and the immediate reaction is “I LOVE HER!” Academically she always encourages me to do my very best in not just her class but all my other classes. She always tries to challenge her students intellect in a healthy way so that they can continue to grow. She has helped me discover my passion for teaching and has opened so many doors for me. She’s never been anything but supportive of my decisions. Overall, Mrs. Billish is a memorable teacher who genuinely cares about her students and goes above and beyond for ALL of her students.

Anna Sandrock Grabsky

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