Student Nomination Story

Sra. LuzHoxsie is a brilliant teacher who works harder than any other I have ever met. She is always kind and understanding. She goes far beyond what she needs to do help her students learn. She is constantly looking for feedback and makes up and adapts fun games to help us learn. She spends countless hours preparing her interactive lesson plans and teaches bell to bell for a 90 minute class period. Though the classes are long, she always makes them enjoyable. An example of her dedication can be seen when she earnestly listens to her students and does her best to help them learn. In one of her honor Spanish II classes, a young women told her that she find study guides to be a very helpful way to prepare. Sra. LuzHoxsie then spent hours of her time making study guides for her classes. Thanks to her love of learning and high regard for her students, I have been able to learn so much this year!

Natalie Rogers

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