Student Nomination Story

There are lots of good teachers, but my teacher, Rebecca, is the best teacher ever. I am super sure no kid would want to give their teacher all their allowance money saved up for two years, but I would do that for Rebecca. Rebecca is the best teacher ever. Rebecca taught me so much. She helped each person in the class. Everyone's writing, reading, and math improved a lot each day. My parents and all of the other parents agree, and the other kids in the class including me, think Rebecca is the best teacher ever. Plus when we started remote learning she made it like we were at school. Rebecca made us feel happy. She gave us treats when the class did good. She even gave us a super cool pen and three crystals each. She once did a magic trick where Starburst fell out of book and we each got one. When remote learning started, she started this thing called "clubs" and we got to do different fun things like a scavenger hunt. There is no such thing as a teacher better than Rebecca. I would do anything for Rebecca. The whole third grade and the parents think Rebecca is the best teacher ever. Rebecca is and will always be the best teacher I ever had.

Soraya Gharib

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