Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Mandrelle has helped my son, Branson Blair, in many extraordinary ways. In 2014, Branson's father committed suicide when he was 5 years old. At the time, Mrs. Mandrelle was my oldest son, Brennen's, 3rd grade teacher. She not only came to the funeral to support our family and her student, but that support has continued in the 4 years since. She has been MORE THAN patient with the difficulties that Branson has faced since losing his father. She has offered support in the way of taking her own time to educate herself on PTSD in children and help find us help for Branson in our area or surrounding areas. She has made special accommodations for him in class to help his learning and school experience be the best it can be. She keeps in frequent contact with me & is always there to listen and help. Her perseverance, empathy & integrity is something that will never be forgotten and will always be cherished.

Branson Blair

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