Student Nomination Story

Throughout life we have been with several type of teachers with different type of personalities and different style of teaching. Some teachers are there for a check and some are there for the students. Every since I entered into middle school and seen this loud outspoken woman who shouted down the hall that she absolutely loved math my life changed. I hated math and did not understand it but after a day in Mrs. Taylor's class my confidence and love for math grew as if I could do it!!! My name E'Lexsiona Boyd. I am a high school student at Thomson High School. I wanted to know if you guys had an award that my favorite teacher in the whole world could receive. She is by far the best teacher I have had. I became one of Mrs. Qwensweler Taylor's student in 6th grade. She was this crazy, outspoken teacher that had so much energy. Mrs. Taylor taught me Math Support in middle school. She would help us through dance, songs, and crazy ways to remember steps to solving problems. We would go back to our cohorts and just shine like a diamond because of this lady. During my 8th grade, we was given some sad news that she was leaving the county and she was going to another system. I must admit I was so sad and wanted to cry everyday. I can remember Mrs. Taylor posting it on her social media page and how the community was sadden as well. I even read where one of her students wanted to give her his last $5 to stay. Mrs. Taylor is from Thomson, and I love how she came back to give back to the community. It is so hard to find a teacher like Mrs. Taylor nowadays. But I am so glad that I had the privilege to have her every year in middle school. Now fast forward a little, at the end of the year we were able to convince her to stay but with a little twist. We wanted her to go to the High School and be with us. Mrs. Taylor agreed to follow us and I can remember her recording the class when she told us that she was coming across the street. I cried like a baby. This lady has made a tremendous impact on my life. But when she was placed on the THS list a lot of the parents went over and changed the schedules so that we could be with her. She is still a crazy, loud, energetic teacher who wants nothing but the best. Mrs. Taylor has changed my life for the better. Math isn't so bad after all. Take a minute and read about her please Here is where the community went on and left special messages for her She is that special!!!!

E'Lexsiona Boyd

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