Student Nomination Story

PETER MAC By Dean Kuhn, grade 11 Each week is a new journey. As I walk through the hallway, guitar in hand, I can hear music resonating around me. Nearing Pete’s studio, I can hear him practicing, playing along to what my lesson will be about today. Whether I’m happy, sad, frustrated, or just feeling down, I know the moment I enter that classroom I’ll be in a better mood. I enter a lavender room filled with black accents and studio lights in each corner. The musician in the room stops what he is doing and greets me with a smile. This guitar lesson has never felt like a class; it’s an escape from life, a place where I can learn about my passion from someone who cares just about me as he does music. Some weeks we play. No words need to be said. I’ll strum along to some chords while Pete takes the lead and solos away. Even after four years of being his student, it still astonishes me how skilled he is with the guitar. Other weeks we talk. I’m not much of a talker, but Pete will always listen to whatever I have on my mind, whether it’s about music or life. Even with dozens of other students he has to teach each day, he still takes the time to listen to me. Pete is filled with brilliant stories. I love hearing about his journey through life, and how music has always been his best friend. He is someone I aspire to be like one day. I am honored to be one of his students. His passion for music astounds me. Sometimes I’ll walk into the studio with a specific genre or song in mind. Without hesitation, Pete will pick up his guitar and change up his entire lesson plan to fit my needs. He can learn complex songs within minutes. Not only is he an incredible teacher, but he cares deeply about his student’s needs. Music lessons can be hit or miss. You can pay lots of money for a teacher to mindlessly lead you through a book, and feel just as crappy as you did at the beginning of the lesson. Pete has become an important part of my life, and someone who I aim to be like in the future. He has taught me how to make music, not only a hobby, but an escape from life where I can set aside any stress or anxiety and enjoy the sound I can create. Not only has Pete been an incredible teacher, he has been a great friend. Thank you, Pete, for providing me with the escape I’ve needed from life each week, and for believing in me as a musician.

Dean Kuhn

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