Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate my son’s 3rd/4th grade educator for being a godsend to my child. My son Branson has epilepsy, his seizures are so bad he stops breathing. Branson has head and ABD migraines along with restless legs syndrome, SLD plus Dyslexia. We kept our kids home last year due to covid because if Branson gets sick he has a tonic clonic seizure and has to be administered diastat in order to keep breathing and to stop the seizure. Mrs. ZB is wonderful and so caring with all her students but with Branson she goes the extra mile and then runs another 2. She always adapts her teaching for Branson to make sure he will have the confidence and understanding to achieve academically. Branson is sick often and many a times gets migraines she checks on him and knows when he can push through or needs to go home. His meds make him very emotional and she has gone out of her way to bring in a educator to help all her students learn to breath and use coping skills to get through the situation. I talk with Mrs. ZB multiple times a week to check in whether it is good news or if Branson was not feeling well. When ever he is sick she checks on him everyday. I was very concern sending him to school this year but honestly the only reason I did was because of this wonderful amazing educator. There are days I am scared he will not be ok when he goes into the middle school wing then Mrs. ZB sends me a message on how great he is doing , now I am building my confidence that he will be ok. If every kid in America land family could have one of her in their lives then there truly would be no kid left behind.

Branson Forziati

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