Student Nomination Story

Mrs.Leazier has changed my life, She has pushed me to do more and better work than I thought I was capable of. an example of this is when I was working on my graphic organizer and Mrs. Leazier looked at it and said "this could be better if you use more detail" and she was right it didn't sound better with more detail added. also when we were working on our STEM project I thought I was building a robot for no reason just to take a picture of it but Mrs.Leazier put together a whole STEM fair so that we can show off our amazing robots. I will admit I'm not the best student but Mrs.Leazier pushes me to stay on top of my work and do more than the bare minimum. Science used to be my least favorite class but Mrs. Leazier has made it enjoyable. I'm glad to have her as a teacher. as my teacher.

Katie Brigham

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