Student Nomination Story

Where to begin? Ms. Davis is the only teacher who has made me feel like I had someone I could talk to on campus. This isn't to say other teachers didn't care, but that Ms. Davis made a personal connection to each and every student. She created fun projects that helped me learn not only about literature but myself. Her passion is infectious and her kindness even more so. This year, my father was diagnosed with cancer and it was difficult for me to find the motivation to do lots of my school work. But never in Ms. Davis's class did I feel that way. she gave me the outlet to express myself and become more confident in class. I was able to speak up about things I was passionate about, always encouraged but her smile and nods. Speaking of passion, her love for literature is unmatched. Never would I have thought that Mark Twain and Fitzgerald would be so relatable! Ms. Davis does not conduct but leads the class in discussion, giving everyone a chance to personally connect with the work. And yet somehow, through all this fun and love, I have learned so many technical skills about writing. Every correction on my paper has motivated me to do better and understand why things happen. Ms. Davis is kind and understanding. She is motivated and strong. I want to nominate her because I have never met a better teacher and I don't think I ever will. I can guarantee that every single student in my class loves her and would nominate her too. It would be a pity to let such a driven person go unrecognized.

Cassidy Cho

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