Student Nomination Story

Mr. Wallner was my 5-8th grade Social Studies and Science teacher. Him and I are so close I consider him as a father figure in my life. I remember he always used to tell my mom that I’m a great student and that really made my confidence grow. He always used to tell stories about his wife and his dog. He used to bring his dog in sometimes so we could it. I don't remember what gender the dog is but that’s okay. He used to always tease us about when he was a child and how they used to whip their knuckles with rulers. His famous saying was “All teasing aside,” and he would laugh. When I was in elementary school, I used to be scared of him because he used to yell at the older students, but when I got to middle school, he’s so funny and the coolest teacher ever. Now that i’m in high school, I’m getting amazing grades in history and that’s all because of him. He used to be hard on us because he knew that high school was going to be hard. I’m forever grateful for that. He always used to listen to my girl problems and he always listened to what I had to say. He never gave up on me even when I was at my lowest. He was and still is my favorite teacher ever. You’re awesome Mr. Wallner!!

Alexia Bauer

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