Student Nomination Story

Ms. Soria has went above and beyond to make my shy, quiet, self conscious child open up and be himself be goofy and outgoing and make friends. Shes helped him since day one to feel comfortable and he has found a new love for school. He cried and begged me everyday of preschool to please stay home that he hates school. This kindergarten year, Ms. Soria has loved him and taught him like one of her own. Hes confident in himself now and loves to do his homework. Ms. Soria is a dual language teacher, and has my 6 year old learning Spanish and English and he couldn't be more proud of himself. When this pandemic occurred she has made sure to reach out over and over again to ensure that auldon has everything he needs and that he is doing well. He tells me everyday how much he misses her and is so sad he won't be in her class room next year. Ms. Soria thank you so much for all that you have done for not only Auldon but all the amazing students in your class. You're truly a teacher I would love to teach all my children. Thank you for everything!

Auldon Collins

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