Student Nomination Story

Where do I even start... In my sophomore year, I decided to take AP Computer Science Principles in which was my first year with Ms. Whitlock. Right away I could tell she would be an amazing teacher with her creative lessons to help us understand complicated concepts easily. The thing that sets Ms. Whitlock apart from other teachers is that she takes the time out of her day to get to know each and every one of her students. She is very understanding if you are having problems at home and can't take a test the next day she'll reschedule it for you. She makes sure that you are happy and comfortable before everything else. She knows how to make a positive impact on students. The second amazing thing about her is her ability to help students understand concepts so easily. I still remember the lessons that she would use food to demonstrate different concepts for AP Computer Science A. She is truly a remarkable teacher and I wouldn't ask for anyone else to teach me. I am sad that I won't be having her my senior year, but I am proud to be able to say that that I had her as a teacher.

Aryan Jain

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