Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate my son's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Piatt. My son is name Gabriel Massey. Gabriel has severe ADHD and ever since Gabriel was old enough to show signs of his disease I always knew we were going to have a little of a struggle academically and in life skills. So when he started preschool I was very concerned with his teachers and if they were going to be able to make a difference. Gabriel went through 2yrs of preschool and in his second year he was medicated for his ADHD but still Gabriel was struggling to process school to learn anything. So by the time kindergarten started Gabriel was extremely behind and I was scared and nervous for Gabriel. Then my Mother in law recommended a teacher at the school Gabriel was going to be at so I took her advice and Gabriel started kindergarten with Mrs. Piatt from the the first day Gabriel started I had this feeling that he just might be okay. By Gabriel's second week he could already say the letters in his name and was attempting to write it on his own and was doing amazing and was loving his teacher. By the first month of school Gabriel processed more than he had in 2 years of preschool all thanks to his kindergarten teacher Mrs. Piatt. Gabriel can now write his letters and numbers and distinguish sounds and tell us what upper and lowercase letters are and point letters out if asked to. Gabriel has done so Amazing all thanks to Mrs. Piat. Gabriel is doing so great that they pulled him from one on one back to the regular class. Gabriel is doing amazing and I'm so gratful for his teacher Mrs. Piatt for making such a Impact on Gabriel.

Gabriel Massey

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