Student Nomination Story

I met Mrs. Harrison during the middle of this year I never thought that I could actually love a teacher but she proved me wrong. She is the youngest teacher at our school so it’s easier for us to relate to the students which helps a lot! She’s a caring and outgoing woman and believes in what is right. Everyday I walk in her class ready to talk with her or even just gossip but there are also days where I just feel like ending it all and she is always there for me and gives me advise on how to deal with the situation. Mrs. Harrison urges me to not only do good in her class but in my other academic classes, she wants to see me succeed and not push everything aside like it’s nothing like I usually do. When I first started her class I honestly was an outspoken person, like I had and opinion about everything and everyone and she showed me how to share that opinion without making a misunderstanding out of it. Mrs. Harrison is just an outstanding teacher and has been apart of some major and minor changes and happening in my life whether good or bad she has been there for me.

Kendall Jennings

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